Online Admission 2024-25

Nursery Wing

Nursery Wing: Every child is born a discoverer, propelled by the instinctive need to know more

Our Kindergarten Program is filled with enjoyable activities for our child. Our goal is to help each child succeed to his fullest potential.

At Florence we have planned a  child-centered program where we observe the individual and group needs of each child and provide for those needs, their play is their work and this is respected.

Our comprehensive, balanced, academically rich kindergarten program helps them to explore, communicate and create, in our rich learning environment.  Our unique  curriculum emphasizes on reading, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, history and physical education by the use of hands on activities  and our other educational materials present in the Activity room.

Children are assessed on the basis of day to day observation, through general discussion and revision worksheets. A checklist is also prepared at the end of each term to verify the child's conceptual understanding.

Primary Wing :The freedom to question is the freedom to learn

The Florence Primary Years programme has been designed to creatively prepare students to be adaptable for the later stages of their education, while allowing them to enjoy the many wonderful experiences of their childhood.Our Primary School introduces children to the excitement and challenges of independent learning. We try to involve and stimulate all the nine intelligences. Concepts are taught using audio-visual aids as well as story telling and enacting, to make it more exciting.

In understanding ideas, asking questions and working out answers, children improve skills like reading, writing, researching.

 Middle Wing : The Middle Years are a challenging time of transition for learners as they move from childhood to adolescence. This crucial period of personal, social, physical and intellectual growth is marked by uncertainty on one hand and increasing maturity on the other hand help them in:

·Develop critical thinking

·Solve real-life problems

·Develop knowledge of local and global issues

·Communicate ideas

·Express creativity through action

·Building students’ confidence in their academic and personal development

Senior Wing : Proposed to be introduced :At the Senior School, you will find a community of engaged learners who embrace new challenges, dig deep, and emerge as confident citizens of the world.  Each of our classrooms is a mere starting point for the exploration of a rich and relevant curriculum. From sea to sea and hemisphere to hemisphere, our students find the answers to the questions that really matter to them.


Thought of The Day
You are so intelligent that you have all answers to all life challenges. Best wishes in all you do.