Online Admission 2024-25

Chemistry Laboratory

Our Chemistry Lab is one of the best labs in NCR. Chemistry lab is well ventilated, capacious equipped with modern amenities. It has most accurate digital measuring instruments required for measuring chemicals. Chemistry lab is designed in such a way which would help students to analyse, compute, integrate and deduce in lab which would further enhance their skills and help in hands-on learning. It enables personal verification of important experimental facts, logic and reasoning skills.

The lab has 2 sections which comprises of main lab and a store room. It has a separate unit for LPG which provides LPG gas for conducting chemistry practicals.

There are exhaust fans in the lab and  has a good drainage system. It also has a separate gas chamber.
Chemistry lab has all the glass apparatus and chemicals which are required for various experiments as per the CBSE curriculum.

The granite tabletop is wide and spacious. Open shelf is provided on the tabletop along with individual water and gas connection for each and every student. Each student is provided with individual workspace.

Chemistry lab has the capacity to cater more than 30 students at a time. Safety of students is the topmost priority. So enough fire extinguishers have been installed in the labs.

Thought of The Day
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