Online Admission 2024-25

Home Science Lab.

Home science is an important subject and and is very popular among students these days because of its various career options and also its serving nature.

 Our Home Science lab is huge, well equipped and well ventilated with exhaust fans. Safety of our students is our main concern so we have installed fire extinguisher and first aid kit in our lab.

It is equipped with basic facilities and equipments to conduct cooking particles related to curriculum.
Basic equipments such as cooking range, mixer grinder, OTG, oven, refrigerator, necessary cooking utensils and crockery items are a part of home science lab besides many consumable items.

The table tops of Home Science labs are of granite. A separate work table is earmarked with raised platform to facilitate the teacher to explain and demonstrate the experiment which students have to perform.

The Home Science lab also has charts related to nutrition, textile, printing embroidery, house management etc.

Thought of The Day
“Keep your face always toward the sunshine—and shadows will fall behind you.” —Walt Whitmange