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Adventure Camp
Published Date: 18-Oct-2019
‘Adventure sports for students are highly motivational and practical which are unlikely to be seen from the normal classroom environment. Adventure aims at increasing productivity, encourages students to work in different working environment, it builds team spirit, friendship and trust amongst each other.’ In order to inculcate different life skills, the students of Florence International School experienced the joy of participating in a physically challenging and extremely enjoyable Adventure Activity Camp on the grounds of the Muddy Boots Gr.Noida on Friday 18th October 2019. The students, accompanied by their teachers, reached their destination at around 10:00 am where the vast premises provided the perfect ambience for the camp which was appropriately adorned by camping tents, camping games and delicious breakfast and fun activities awaited them. These activities aimed at maintaining fitness level and the physical mental balance of a student. The students were divided into gr
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Education not only teaches our children facts but also teaches them how to think and learn on their own